Program Overview

The basis of our programs is peer learning/peer teaching which is sharing with others what you know or discover about a subject. There are no competitions, no grades, no exams – just an opportunity to learn together in a friendly environment.

The SLR program has three major components:

Study Groups: Click Here for Details
Sessions are offered during the fall, winter and spring. Study Groups generally meet once a week for two hours during either the morning or afternoon over an eight or ten week period. A variety of topics are offered each term, ranging from current events to history, the arts, sciences, politics, philosophy, geography and more – whatever interests our members. Participants select a course from those offered.

All members of a Study Group are expected to make a 25-30 minute presentation on a subject relevant to the course topic, followed by an open discussion among group members.   To this end, new members are encouraged to attend the Presentation Workshop prior to the first study group they take.  [SLR provides several support systems for participants who would like assistance in selecting topics and/or making their presentation (see “Resources”, listed at the foot of the Courses Page)].

If a new member would like to experience a study group but is hesitant to give a presentation, they may put themselves on a waiting list for a course.  Once the final number of presenters registered for a course is established, up to two new non-presenting members may be invited to enrol.   They would pay full fees and join in the discussion, but would not give a presentation.

Each course has two volunteer moderators. Groups meet once each week for 2 hours and there are usually two presentations at each meeting.

Activity Groups: Click here for Details
Here the emphasis is on learning by doing. Participants meet to pursue a common interest and develop/improve their skills in a hands-on or less formal manner. Examples are: art, recorder, writing and photography sessions, round-table discussions and debates, and Craft ‘n Chat. Each of these groups are peer-led by an SLR member who has some expertise or skill in the subject.

Social Events: Click Here for Details
These events provide opportunities for members from all groups to get together for a social outing. They may include luncheons, nature walks, theatre outings and field trips.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle