Old About Us

The basis of our programs is “shared learning”.  Participants select a course from those offered.   Each person registered chooses a date from within the course time-frame and on that date makes a presentation of approximately 20 minutes on a subject chosen from within their respective course.  A round-table discussion will follow.

Three sessions are offered annually: fall, winter, and spring. Classes meet once each week and there are two presentations at each meeting.

Each course has a moderator who will suggest course subjects, answer your questions and advise you on presentations, resources and other topics.  There is also a workshop on presentation techniques, led by an experience presenter, before each term.

To view a document outlining some helpful ideas click on either –
 Prepare a Presentation (Pdf)  or  Prepare a Presentation (Word)

Resources available to participants for presentations include: VCR, DVD, television, overhead projector, CD/tape player and photocopier.  Use of these is strictly optional; however, many participants simply present orally without assistance.

It isn’t all learning.  Participants tell us that some of the best experiences are meeting others with similar interests. The Society also organizes social events such as lunches, guest speakers and bus trips.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle