Mission Statement

To promote active minds by providing opportunities for people to engage in active learning and to share their experiences and knowledge in an open and friendly environment.


  1. Learning is of benefit to the individual and to the community throughout one’s life.
  2. Learning in retirement promotes intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being.
  3. The experience and expertise of retirees is a valuable resource in the learning process both for group leaders and participants.  Peer learning and peer teaching are therefore fundamental to SLR.
  4. Learning activities must be responsive to the needs and interests of participants both in terms of content as well as in educational processes.
  5. Learning takes place best in a friendly, sociable, and comfortable environment
  6. Membership in SLR is open to all.
  7. Cost to members should be affordable.
  8. Members in good standing who cannot participate in full can be accommodated by emeritus status.
  9. Active volunteer participation by all those associated with the organization is encouraged – from managing its affairs through to planning its courses, to carrying out the learning experiences.
  10. Education collaborations and partnerships with other organizations are beneficial to SLR and to the community.
  11. SLR is a charitable not-for-profit organization and as such, will not support any particular political, commercial or self-serving activities.
  12. SLR will be a financially self-sustaining organization relying on charitable donations, grants, membership dues and course fees for revenue, while managing its affairs responsibly to keep expenses at a minimum.