Marketing and Communications

About Marketing and Communications Committee:

This committee is a member of the Executive Council and the chair of the committee attends Executive Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

The tasks for committee members include:

  • Developing marketing materials which present a professional image consistent with the SLR mission and objectives (includes general and program brochures, website, newsletter, President’s message, mass emails, Facebook and all external advertising)
  • Planning and organizing Open Houses and Program Previews
  • Organizing external advertising venues
  • Developing and maintaining the SLR website, providing materials and support for the Webmaster
  • Developing strategies for recruiting and retaining members, including running Focus Groups
  • Maintaining the SLR calendar

We enjoy brainstorming new ideas and creative ways of sending out the SLR message to our own members and to the broader London community.

We work to maintain SLR as a warm, friendly, peer-learning environment where everyone feels respected and part of the larger organization.