How SLR Operates

SLR operates 100% on the energy and goodwill of our volunteers. 

Board of Directors

  • As a registered Not-For-Profit corporation with charitable status we have a Board of Directors, which members elect at the Annual General Meeting. The Directors are responsible for meeting all financial and legal requirements, and for the overall success of SLR.
  • There are seven to nine Directors, consisting of the immediate Past-President (chair), current President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to four Members-at-Large.
  • The Board meets as needed throughout the year to plan the budget, report to Canada Revenue, negotiate the accommodation lease, and maintain links with funders and other NFPs.
  • The Directors select the committee chairs, troubleshoot issues, explore new initiatives, and review the on-going status and satisfaction of our membership. 

Executive Council

The Executive Council, chaired by the President, is responsible for keeping SLR running smoothly on a day-to day basis.  The Council consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Registrar, and the Chairs of some of the following committees.  The Executive Council usually meets monthly to share information and make decisions.


  • Finance & Funding Committee (Board) is responsible for maintaining the budget, fulfilling all government and bank requirements, projecting future monetary needs, and writing proposals.
  • Nominating committee (Board) prepares a slate of officers and new board members for Board approval, and then for election by the general membership.
  • Studies and Activities Committees meet once or twice a month to plan course content, submit descriptions for the brochure, and secure and train moderators/facilitators.
  • Marketing and Communication Committee is responsible for internal and external communications, including brochures, advertising and the website, marketing courses to the membership and London community, and recruiting and retaining members.
  • Registrar and assistants handle all registrations, course and member lists.
  • Social Committee plans and executes lunches, outings, and other events.
  • Research Committee tracks our demographics and advises on future growth and activities.
  • Facilities Committee handles the logistics of keeping our classrooms well equipped, accessible and comfortable.
  • Various ad hoc committees are convened from time to time to deal with specific issues.

Office and Administration

  • The Office and Membership Coordinator, along with assistants, handles the day-to-day queries by phone, email and snail-mail, and all the paperwork.
  • The Web- and Tech-Masters are responsible for the website and keeping the computers and A/V equipment in working order.
  • The Refreshments Coordinator organizes the coffee and cookie needs.

Moderators and Facilitators

These are members who ensure the smooth running of the courses, maintain the peer-learning mandate, and assist participants with their presentations (if needed).