– The Activities Committee is responsible for providing a varied program of hands-on, discussion, and interest groups and for helping with the Outreach initiative.

– Ideas for activity groups come from both SLR and committee members.  Suggestions are always welcome!

– The committee is responsible to ensure that the activity program for each term has a range of topics and formats, and courses of varying length (four week and ten week groups, for example).

– The committee also helps to advertise some events and informally assesses the success of programs.

– Committee members may contact potential activities group leaders, liaising with them regarding programs and program needs such as the brochure description.

– The Social Committee chairperson attends the meetings; there are overlapping interests such as the Nature Walks, the Rhubarb/Strawberry Social with some interest groups.

– We have fun developing new activity groups and are always looking for another member or two.  If you would like to join the committee, let the chairperson know (name listed on the Volunteers webpage).