A New Curriculum Committee Member


The Curriculum Committee members select and tailor courses/study groups for the SLR brochure from suggestions submitted by members.
The committee has twelve members.  It meets twice a month in the Fall, Winter and early Spring.

We are currently looking for an SLR member who will work with the Curriculum Committee in the manner described above, and will also:


  • act as our Recorder Secretary to record items discussed and debated during meetings (minutes).  Once a meeting is complete, the minutes are drafted by the Recorder using MS Word and copies are printed for distribution to committee members and others.
  • keep records of past meetings.  This involves noting amendments to previous minutes, reports of general matters and proposals under discussion.
  • be familiar with computer use of MS Word and email.

The new CC member will work with a member who is familiar with the job.

To apply please leave a note in the Curriculum Committee slot in the SLR office or email Karen Thyret at kthyret@rogers.com.