2012 Donor List


In Appreciation . . .

We extend a sincere thank you to the following SLR members who made donations in 2012. Their generosity is very much appreciated.

Aberhart, Charles
Anderson, Edna
Armstrong, Michael
Austin, Thomas
Bain, Barbara
Barber, Gina
Barrett, Patricia
Bell, Douglas
Bergman, Jean
Bigelow, Jane
Booth, Susan
Brereton, Thomas
Brouwers, Truce
Bryant, John
Butson, Margery
Cameron, Cathy
Cherian, George
Coates, Diana
Cohen, Alan
Cordeiro, Stan
Cornelius, David
Curtis, Robert
Czuma, Hanna
DeFreitas, Dennis
Dockstader, Jacqueline
Dunham, Charles
Ellinson, Riva
Forrest, dEnice
Foster, Fred
Gammal, Elias
Govan, Victor
Green, Francis
Hamilton, Lynn
Harding, Paul
Hardwick, Inge
Hart, Chris
Hastings, Bruce
Hastings, Margaret
Haydon, Gaie
Hind, Roy
Hohyner, Kay
Hunter, Andy
Hutchinson, Anne
Hutchinson, Judith
Jackson, Brenda
Jones, Ray
Jones, Sharon
Keenor, Jeff
Kercher, Ross
Korchuk, Stan
Lancaster, Sheila
Leblanc, Marina
Lewis, Patricia
Lloyd, Anne
Lloyd, Diana
Lubell, Jan
Mack, Patricia
MacKenzie, Helen
Mandri, Hania
McCain, Penney
McFadden, Enid
McIntyre, Yvonne
McKenzie, Judith
McKillop, Snadra
Mrzljak, Biserka
Mulligan, Dorothy
Murty, mary
O’Hagan, Mary
Ogletree, Judy
Peters, Nancy
Poole, Helen
Radcliffe, David
Rudd, Anthony
Rupert, Donna Jean
Sahrmann, Herman
Samuel, Ravi
Schilder, Synthia
Sheppard, Lorraine
Sherry, June
Simner, Phyllis
Simpson, Marion
Speechley, Dagma
Stewart, Sarah
Strobl, Marie
Surry, Jean
Thomas, Janet
Thornton, Ruth
Vandenbosch, Ann
Varkey, George
Vedova, Heather
Waring, Richard
West, Sheila
Whitwham, Rod

We also appreciate the generosity of an anonymous donor who matched the amount of donations received from our membership.

Our thanks go as well to the following organizations who contributed in 2012.

Westminster College
Royal Bank of Canada
Bank of Montreal

Any list of contributors to whom we owe appreciation would be incomplete without mention of the many, many members who have contributed their time and talents to the operation of SLR. Thank you very much.