THE SOCIETY FOR LEARNING IN RETIREMENT (SLR) is a member-run organization which provides learning opportunities for all those who are retired or semi-retired, regardless of their formal education.  Our only prerequisite is that you share a love of learning with others and are willing to actively participate in your own and others’ learning.

Members participate in peer-learning groups on a variety of subjects.  A feeling of camaraderie is fostered through group discussions and social events.  If you love to learn, SLR is right for you!

We are a registered charitable organization and are sponsored by Westminster College Foundation.

  • We believe that the experience and expertise of our members are our most valuable resources in the learning process.
  • We believe that lifelong  learning with others in an inclusive, friendly and engaging environment promotes healthy aging in our community.
  • We provide small group-sharing opportunities with others who are open-minded and love the joyful adventure of learning new things, and thinking new thoughts.
  • We foster active learning through presentations and engaging conversations.
  • We are committed to continually developing new programs on topics of specific interest to our members.

If you believe that learning keeps you young and your brain active, enhances the quality of your life, and satisfies the hunger of human curiosity, then SLR is for you!

  If you enjoy social events, meeting interesting people, making new friends, and giving back to your community, then SLR is where you should be.