Where the joy of learning is a shared experience

SLR is a non-profit, member-run organization of retired or semi-retired individuals from all walks of life who share a love of on-going learning.  Our environment is welcoming and friendly, and the only requirement for membership is a willingness to actively participate in your own and others’ learning experience.

Through shared learning, members expand their knowledge  and skills on a variety of topics.  A feeling of camaraderie is also fostered through group discussions and social events.  If you love to learn, SLR is for you!

We are a registered charitable organization and are sponsored by Westminster College Foundation.

How to Join

If you believe that learning keeps you young and your brain active,
enhances the quality of your life, and satisfies the hunger of
human curiosity, then SLR is for you!

  If you enjoy social events, meeting interesting people,
making new friends, and giving back to your community,
then SLR is where you should be.